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Legal Cashier Training

Legal Finance Professionals provides the following Legal Cashier Training course.

  • Legal Cashiers: An Introduction to Solicitors' Accounts

Legal Cashiers - An Introduction to Solicitors' Accounts

12 CPD Hours

This course is designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking to learn about the role of a legal cashier. Ideally suited to those who have no prior bookkeeping experience, including sole practitioners setting up their own firms.

Double Entry Bookkeeping

  • Basic principals
  • Income, expenditure, assets & liabilities
  • Extracting a trial balance
  • Case study

Accounting Records for Solicitors

  • Office and client ledgers explained
  • What records must be kept
  • SRA guidelines for accounting systems & procedures

Bank Reconciliations

  • How to reconcile a bank account
  • Understanding reconciliations
  • Case study

Regulation by the SRA

  • The role of the COFA

Introduction to the SRA Accounts Rules 2011/2018

  • Definition of client & office money
  • Keeping client bank accounts
  • Proper treatment of costs & disbursements
  • Interest Rules
  • Common problems & pitfalls

Introduction to VAT

  • VAT on legal services
  • VAT and disbursements

Money Laundering Regulations 2017

  • The role of finance staff
  • Law Society Guidance Anti-money Laundering Guidance for Finance Staff

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