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Consultation and Online Advice Service

May 2020

We now offer an online consultation and advice service for clients.

We know from experience that people often attend our training courses as they have specific regulatory and compliance questions they would like clarified. During the current Coronavirus pandemic, to assist solicitors or legal cashiers who might need compliance advice, we are pleased to be able to offer one to one online consultations via a virtual meeting room.

Every Friday, we will be making available four 45-minute sessions where clients will be able to raise any regulatory or compliance questions they may have with topic expert Richard Lane. Topics covered can include the new SRA Accounts Rules, SRA Code of Conduct for Firms, Code of Conduct for Solicitors, COLP & COFA issues, for example, what is a material breach and which breaches must be reported to the SRA as well as any general regulatory and compliance concerns, anti-money laundering issues, VAT advice and CLC Accounts Code queries.

The consultations are conducted via a virtual meeting room using GoToMeetings with full audio and video conferencing facilities, together with the ability to share screens, if needed.

The sessions can be individual or involve a small number of colleagues - we suggest no more than six people in total.

To book a 45-minute session online, please visit our Individual Online Consultation and Advice page on our website.

If Fridays do not suit you or you require either a shorter or longer session, please call or e-mail us using the contact details below and we can arrange a customised session for you.

If in doubt as to whether or not we can help, please contact Richard Lane by calling now on 0330 223 5346 or by e-mail to

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