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Conflicts of Interest Training

Legal Finance Professionals provides the following Conflicts of Interest Training course.

  • Dealing with Conflicts of Interest Under Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR)

Dealing with Conflicts of Interest Under Outcomes Focused Regulation

2 CPD Hours

This training course is designed to address Lexcel and SRA requirements relating to the handling of conflicts of interest in the firm's practice areas.

Under Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR) there has been a switch away from detailed prescriptive rules and guidance to a series of general mandatory Outcomes supported by non-mandatory Indicative Behaviours as set out in the SRA Code of Conduct 2011.

This course considers how best to deal with actual and potential conflicts and to demonstrate to the SRA that effective systems and controls are in place.


  • To understand the SRA's approach to OFR and Conflicts of Interests
  • To consider the key mandatory Principles and Outcomes
  • To examine evidence of compliance through the Indicative Behaviours
  • To address policies needed for both ‘own interest’ and client conflicts
  • To give examples of practical steps which will help to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations through scenarios and exercises


  • 10 Mandatory principles
  • Structure of the SRA Code of Conduct
  • Approach to OFR and firm-based regulation
  • Client Care
  • Conflicts of interest - Chapter 3
  • Confidentiality and disclosure - Chapter 4
  • Drafting and communicating policies
  • The Management of Business
  • Summary and questions

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